Head Energy Group is pleased to announce that the strong results from our client satisfaction surveys in 2018 continues in 2019. Positive feedback from our largest offshore wind client in Denmark and increased score on HSEQ and communication for Head Energy Solve are the main takeaways.


Head Energy completes client- and employee satisfaction surveys annually to ensure continuous focus on quality and improvement. For the fifth consecutive year we ask our clients for feedback on (I) Relevance & Punctuality, (II) Communication, (III) Compliance, (IV) Administration, (V) Perceived Quality, (VI) Accountability & Documentation, (VII) HSEQ, (VIII) Overall Impression, and (IX) Endorsement Likelihood.

-All Head Energy subsidiaries are covered in the 2019 surveys and we have received feedback from clients within all our business areas. Except for public contractors, clients within in all relevant categories are represented in the surveys, although we will work to further expand the sample size next year, COO of Head Energy group, Preben A. Onarheim says.

Head Energy Solve improves

A Likert/Rating scale is used for the quantitative part of the surveys, ranging from 1 = worst to 6 = best on a total of 9 questions. In addition, the respondents are encouraged to provide a written statement on Head Energy’s strengths compared to competitors, potential for improvement and general feedback.

-Head Energy Solve has improved significantly in two categories: Communication with clients and HSEQ. This is the result of focus and dedicated efforts over time. Head Energy Solve has developed and grown significantly over the last couple of years and it is important to have a structure and professional level to match the organizational size and complexity of our assignments, Onarheim says.

-For the Head Energy Group in general, we are very happy with the results. Continuous improvement on HSEQ will still be a focus entering 2020 as well as strengthening our capacity on piping and structural resources for both our Consulting and Engineering departments, Preben A. Onarheim says.


Highly valued input

-I would like to thank our clients for their valuable input and particularly those who have given us improvement suggestions in writing. I can assure that we handle the input carefully and that we are always looking for ways to boost our performance and improve our services, products and systems.

-We try to include new clients and respondents to the surveys every year, and to see consistently high scores and high averages over time is a great testimonial to all our hard-working employees. Thank you and well done everybody.