Head Energy Multicontrol is happy to join the Omni Network of specialist suppliers and manufacturers. -A solid vote of confidence and a strategic milestone, says Trond Erik Gundersen.

The Omni Network consists of nine skilled Norwegian engineering and manufacturing suppliers within product engineering, electronics production, mechanical production and plastic production. The nine Omni members are all technology focused experts in their respective market segments, with complementary skills.

Managing Director of Head Energy Multicontrol, Trond Erik Gundersen, emphasizes that joining the network grants Head Energy Multicontrol access to new markets and clients, as well as complex projects, where software design and programming expertise, control system expertise and mechanical & hydraulic expertise is needed;

-This opens a range of possibilities for Head Energy Multicontrol and is also a stamp of approval in terms of the quality of our deliveries. We are looking forward to contributing in the network and to explore new business opportunities. Hopefully we will bring some added value to the network as well, says Trond Erik Gundersen.


The Omni Network facts:

Consists of nine companies delivering services, products and solutions to global clients within on- and offshore industries, transport and defense systems.



Unitech Energy

Hans H. Shive



Blue Logic



Miko Plast

Head Energy Multicontrol