Merethe K. Roulund is our new Personnel Coordinator and will be working mainly from our office in Stavanger. She will focus on connecting our consulting staff, administration and consultants and facilitate follow up and communication flow towards consultants working at our clients’ premises.

Merethe has worked ten years at Sandnes Performing Arts Center and has held the position as Technical Manager and Production Manager. She is dedicated and hard-working and has an eye for details. At Head Energy she will focus on bridging gaps between in-house departments and our consultants, improve administrative procedures and facilitate social events and follow up.

-It has been a hectic start in my first few weeks here, but a lot of fun and a lot of nice people who have welcomed me in an amazing manner. I look forward to getting properly going and to get to know colleagues and consultants in both Stavanger and Bergen, Merethe says.

Anne Line Olsen is a senior member of Head Energy Consulting in Stavanger. Since she joined in 2013, Anne Line has seen the demands for follow-up and solid procedures increase along with the rising number of employees:

-In my opinion, our ability to connect with our employees on a social level as well as professionally has been one of our forces in building a successful consulting business. Right now, though, we operate in an extremely hectic market and have a record number of consultants employed. This means we must staff up, not only to meet our clients’ demands, but also to stay on top of personnel related issues and keep being a preferred employer. It just takes one bad experience for an employee to lose confidence in us, so we really must treat this seriously and up our game.

-Merethe will be an important cog in this wheel and we are happy to have her onboard, Anne Line Olsen says.