Head Energy Group is happy to inform that Anders Lunde has entered the position as Manager of Head Energy Consulting. Anne Line Olsen and Kjell Idar Lavik will be Regional Managers in Stavanger and Bergen, respectively. Øystein Bøe enters the position as Business Development Manager.

Head Energy’s Norwegian consulting units was merged late 2017 after operating as separate units since 2010. Our consulting teams in Stavanger and Bergen cooperates on multiple projects on both long-term and day-to-day basis. Anders Lunde will be responsible for coordinating their joint efforts and strategy, while Anne Line Olsen and Kjell Idar Lavik will manage the teams in Stavanger and Bergen, respectively. Øystein Bøe has also formally entered the position as Business Development Manager at Head Energy Consulting.

-Our Team Managers and Recruitment Consultants have generated impressive results in 2018 and 2019. They handle a substantial workload in terms of consultancy requests from our customers, and day-to-day follow up of candidates, employees and clients. We believe that streamlining the cooperation between our departments and establishing a dedicated management team will position us for further growth and more efficient recruitment processes and client support, as well as maintaining a long-term strategy, says Managing Director of Head Energy Consulting, Anders Lunde.

Anne Line Olsen joined Head Energy Consulting in 2013 and has been handling both sales and business development. She believes that the team is perfectly set up for a successful 2020 and beyond:

-In 2019 we grew in both Stavanger and Bergen, adding youth and talent to our consulting teams. We are now more united and have a joint effort which makes us more streamlined and efficient. The development of cooperation, culture and team spirit is more important and make us robust and agile in a fast-moving market. We finished 2019 with a solid Q4 and hopefully we can stay on this course and get a flying start in 2020, Anne Line Olsen says.