Head Energy is open for business – the health and safety of our staff and their families remains our primary focus and we have taken several protective measures to restrict further contamination and to maintain operations, projects, employments and client support.

Head Energy Group wish to keep up our activity level to the extent possible and it is our firm understanding that this applies to our customers as well. We maintain close and proactive daily dialogue with our clients and help organizing home office solutions, solve IT issues and maintain relevant information flow.

Head Energy is well-run, debt-free, has good financial control and good liquidity and has a fantastic work force and great customers.

We are committed to securing progress and timely completion in ongoing projects to the extent possible and will continue to provide services and solutions to our clients within all our business areas.


Head Energy Group has sanctioned the following infection control measures.

  • Working from home for all employees, if possible.
  • Physical meetings have been reduced to a minimum.
  • Social distancing at all Head Energy locations.
  • Increased hygienic measures at all Head Energy locations.
  • Severe travel restrictions, in line with recommendations issued by Norwegian and Danish authorities.
  • Adaptive IT solutions and infrastructure to secure workflow and information-flow to employees working remote.
  • Daily follow-up of clients.
  • Head Energy’s emergency team holds daily meetings to secure information-flow and to implement new measures rapidly.

We are happy to answer questions regarding our daily operations, infection control measures and current status. Please feel free to contact us. With fewer face-to-face meetings: we have more time to chat.