Head Energy Group is happy to present strong results from the 2018 client satisfaction surveys. A record number of responses and an average group score of 5,3 (of possible 6) sets a new benchmark in our continuous work to improve.


Head Energy completes client- and employee satisfaction surveys annually to ensure continuous focus on quality and improvement. For the fourth consecutive year we ask our clients for feedback on (I) Relevance & Punctuality, (II) Communication, (III) Compliance, (IV) Administration, (V) Perceived Quality, (VI) Accountability & Documentation, (VII) HSEQ, (VIII) Overall Impression, and (XI) Endorsement Likelihood.

COO of Head Energy, Preben A. Onarheim, underscores two key takeaways from this year’s surveys;

-First – we are very happy with our score in this year’s survey. Our score and client-feedback show that we deliver great projects, services and products and that our quality efforts are paying off.

Secondly, we received a record number of responses in this years’ survey, and a significant increase from last year, and we are pleased to have clients all our Norwegian business areas represented, Onarheim says.

This year’s customer satisfaction survey covers all of Head Energy’s Norwegian business areas, hereunder Consulting, Engineering (Head Energy Multicontrol and Head Energy Solve) and Onshore Infrastructure (Head Energy Infra). Next year’s survey will

also include our Offshore Wind activities in Denmark.


Head Energy Multicontrol stand out

Although the results from the survey are generally very good, subsea and technology focused Head Energy Multicontrol stands out above the average.

-Head Energy Multicontrol has received feedback from most of their client base. They have seen an increase in responses each year, which builds confidence in the credibility of the results. They receive consistently high scores in all categories and seem to build very strong partnerships with their clients, Preben A. Onarheim emphasizes.








Great testimonials

Client satisfaction surveys presents an opportunity for the client to provide written feedback or a testimonial before the answers are submitted. Preben Onarheim says that such feedback is very valuable and useful;

-First of all, many of our clients have taken time to point to areas where they believe we have room for improvement. That is perhaps the most valuable aspect of the survey, because it is very accurate and precise.

Secondly, the testimonials from our clients are generally so good, that we can be proud of our combined effort. It is our combined effort and the combined quality of our services and deliveries over time that affect how our clients perceive us. I would like to thank the entire Head Energy Family for their tireless effort, and I would like to thank all our clients for their valuable feedback. I promise all of you, that have already started focusing on improving what needs to be improved and raising the bar before next year’s surveys, which will also include Danish customers, Preben A. Onarheim concludes.