Head Energy AS is committed to providing you with the best online experience while visiting our websites. As part of this process, we utilize standard third party cookies to obtain data about your online behavior while you are on our websites, and we also track how often you visit our websites. The information we collect is anonymous and does not identify you as an individual, unless you apply for a job, upload your CV or fill in a form.

If you do not wish to accept this Policy please do not continue to use our website.

What we track
We do not use any intrusive cookies on our websites to collect your personal information. We use industry standard third party cookies such as Google Analytics to track your behavior online and gain statistical information at an aggregated level in the following ways:

  • We track the number of visits to our websites, where each visitor came from (i.e. the website you visited prior to coming to our website) and where each visitor goes to from our website (i.e. website you visit after leaving ours).
  • A cookie is stored on your device for no longer than two (2) years which is linked to your IP address. Cookies are small text files that your web browser stores on your device. This allows us to track whether you return to our websites.

How to manage cookies
Our cookies do not store financial information or information which is capable of directly identifying you (such as your name or address). Cookies simply allow our websites to retrieve information about your online experience. If you do not wish us to track this information you can configure your browser to reject cookies. If you wish to do so, please refer to your Internet browser’s user instructions to find out how to delete and reject cookies. Note that rejection of cookies may impact your user experience on our websites and restrict you from utilizing certain site functionalities and services.

Third-party cookies