We are searching for one or two employees from Head Energy Consulting to represent the interests of our consultants at the Working Environment Committee and as employee representative.

Both positions can be held by the same person.

The working environment committee includes representatives from both employers and employees. With the main focus on the work environment in the company, and to contribute to the planning of conservation and environmental work. Typical topics AMU is involved with could be new offices (moving or remodeling), which is current affairs in Head Energy. It can also consist of questions about occupational health service, HSE-work, facilitation and more.  

The basic function of AMU is that it’s a cooperation and decision-making body, which serve as an adviser and to be an active role in changes in the company. As a member in AMU, you’ll be updated on what goes on in the company in both the operating status, HSEQ, and it will give you an insight in the company as a whole, and its future prospects. 

As of today, we are looking for a representative from our consulting business, but everyone is welcome to show interest in the opportunity for a future position.  

The position in AMU don’t require any prior knowledge, and the one who chooses to take this role will, if needed, be given the necessary amount of training and courses, covered by Head.  

The participation in AMU will frees you from your daily work once a quarter, where members meet to review cases.  

As shop steward you will assist in taking care of the general working conditions in the company, but also in current individual cases; wage negotiations or with conflicts. To be a shop steward means that you will represent your colleagues, and work as a link between the management and the employees. In addition, shop stewards will be able to receive information from the management, and play a central role in discussions that may directly or indirectly affect your colleagues. As shop steward you’ll be important to both your colleagues and to your workplace.  

The following people that are shop stewards today is: 

  • Tale Boland – Head Energy MultiControl AS 
  • Christel Olsen – Head Energy AS 

Other AMU/trust representatives: 

  • Lisa Nævdal:              Chief protection officer (HE AS) 
  • Tor Arne Mehus: Safety representativ (HE Solve) 
  • Fredrik Valheim: Safety representativ (HE Multicontrol) 
  • Kjell Magne Ommedal: Safety representativ (HE Infra)

If this could be of any interest, we look forward to receiving your inquiry to improve@headenergy.no before 01.02.2023 

The selection committee will handle applications and ensure that the roles are filled as soon as possible.