It is with great pleasure we announce that Head Energy AS and Head Energy Multicontrol AS have been certified according to ISO standards regarding Quality Management, Environmental Management and Health & Safety Management.

The certification of Head Energy AS’ and Head Energy Multicontrol’s Management Systems concerning Quality, Health & Safety and Environment is an important milestone and key to further growth in the years to come.

-This is a seal of approval and verification of of our systems and services. It is an important step in securing that we continue to be considered a preferred supplier and partner, not to mention that it strenghtens our position in future tenders within several industries. However, keeping our colleagues safe and preventing injuries and reducing our environmental footprint is even more important than the financial aspects. The certifications shows that we are on the right path and that the organization as a whole has a clear focus on quality, health and safety, COO & HSEQ Manager, Preben A. Onarheim states.

Head Energy Multicontrol AS has certified their system as a manufacturer and supplier of products. Managing Director, Trond Erik Gundersen, underscores the importance of the certification in order penetrate new markets:

-To specify, our certification includes design and development, production and assembly, testing, service, repair and customer support. Our team is skilled, busy and result-oriented, so being able to document our quality and ability through a recognized and professional third party system is a clear advantage. Othervise, providing sufficient documentation in tender processes would demand that we allocate more resources on this matter in every bid. Simplified, we now have stronger documentation and can free up personnel to serve our clients and focus on finishing projects and products. This is vital to organically grow our technology setup, Gundersen says.

Allthough Head Energy AS and Head Energy Multicontrol AS are the first companies within the Head Energy Group certified at this point, Preben A. Onarheim notes that EPCI-focused Head Energy Solve will follow suit shortly. Onarheim also mentions that the remaining subsidiaries have compliance matrixes covering the aspects of the standards.

-Head Energy Multicontrol was the natural place to start, as they are our only subsidiary that manufactures and deliver products, hence there are some specific requirements that has to be met. Head Energy AS covers most of the administrative work wihin the group and defines requirements to the operations of its subsidiaries within Engineering, Technology, Services and Consulting, and provides services related to; administration, marketing, accounting, HSEQ, strategy, sales and so forth, for its subsidiaries to focus on its core operational processes, so having a certified holding company actually benefits all subsidiaries directly.

-Let me just add that the relatively smooth process we experienced during the qualification period is in many ways connected to the improvement feedback we get from our employees and their daily focus on quality and safety in the group. We would like to thank evyrone for their efforts in qontinously taking us forward om theese matters, Onarheim concludes.