Head Energy Denmark is certified according to ISO standards concerning Quality Management, Environmental Management, and Health & Safety Management.

The certifications are valid from April 2024 and covers both Head Energy Denmark A/S and Head Energy Denmark Consulting A/S.

-Operationally, this sets us up for continued growth and development in the years to come, in line with our strategic objectives. A third-party certification provides an international seal of approval and makes us more efficient when we expand our business in Europe. I would like to commend all the colleagues who have been involved in the process and done so with great enthusiasm and high quality, says Managing Director of Head Energy Denmark A/S, Mads Vinter Hansen.

Anders Frederiksen, General Manager of Head Energy Denmark Consulting A/S, adds:

Preben A. Onarheim - COO & HSEQ Manager of Head Energy Group

-I am very satisfied that our way of working over the last couple of years has now been encapsulated into a simple and efficient tool. With the ISO certificates in place, tested and approved against these standards, we can provide and ensure a safe and comfortable way for new team members to navigate through our various business processes. The system also allows for easy access to suggest improvements to our business and safety culture. This aligns perfectly with our core values: Responsible, Inclusive, Innovative, and Honest.

COO & HSEQ Manager of Head Energy Group, Preben A. Onarheim says the certification process highlights the strong HSE culture within the group:

– Firstly, I would like to mention how our team in Denmark handled the certification process efficiently and without deviations. This is testament to our very strong culture concerning HSE and quality and is also the result of very good teamwork. We are now well-positioned to grow our offshore wind and electrical engineering business further in both Denmark and the rest of Europe, Onarheim says.

Why ISO certification?

Certification according to ISO standards in Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001), and Health & Safety Management (ISO 45001) is crucial for Scandinavian companies aiming to expand their renewable energy business. These certifications not only enhance operational excellence but also significantly bolster the company’s reputation and compliance in a highly competitive and regulated sector.

Firstly, ISO 9001 (Quality Management) ensures that a company maintains a consistent level of quality in all aspects of its operations, which is vital for the reliability and performance of renewable energy technologies. By adhering to this standard, a company can improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational inefficiencies, and prevent quality-related issues, thereby enhancing the product’s life cycle and reducing costs.

Secondly, ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) is particularly significant in the renewable energy sector, which is inherently focused on sustainability. This certification helps companies minimize their environmental impact, comply with applicable laws and regulations, and improve their environmental performance through efficient resource utilization and waste management.

It positions the company as a leader in sustainable practices, which is increasingly important to investors, partners, and customers in the Scandinavian market known for its high environmental consciousness.

Lastly, ISO 45001 (Health & Safety Management) ensures that a company effectively manages and mitigates risks associated with workplace hazards, including those unique to the renewable energy industry such as high-voltage equipment and on-site construction. This standard protects employees, boosts morale, and increases productivity by promoting a safer work environment.

Together, these ISO certifications provide a framework for continuous improvement and demonstrate a company’s commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and employee welfare. They serve as a competitive advantage in the Scandinavian renewable energy market, enhancing trust among stakeholders and facilitating smoother entry into new markets and sectors.

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