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a Head Energy

Our skilled and dedicated engineers, project managers, and specialists make a difference on community building and future oriented projects within energy, civil construction, infrastructure, and industry.

At Head Energy you are a colleague, not just an employee. We invest in our people and in diversity and have a long-term focus. Head Energy shall be a good place to work.

Our experience, extensive network, and national frame agreements secures unique access to projects driving change and attractive professional environments at reputed clients in within all our business segments in Scandinavia.

Some of our vacant positions:

Although most working days will be at the client’s premises or you are working from home, you are always welcome to stop by and visit your colleagues at Head Energy. We make extra effort in arranging social gatherings, Christmas- and annual parties, and interesting seminars. And we always have time for a cup of coffee and a chat.

We work with the most attractive companies in Scandinavia and our frame agreements secures access to the most challenging and change driving projects. As a consultant at Head Energy, you have many opportunities to develop and find new professional challenges.

Head Energy offers competitive terms on salary, pension and insurances as well as having an extensive benefits program. Our Service Center offers guidance and help concerning salary, invoicing, and travel expenses. We also have modern and high standard cabins at Geilo and Sirdalen available for our employees.

As life changes, so does your career and ambitions. At Head Energy you get the follow-up you need and want, and it is important for us to understand what is important for you. If you are looking for new challenges, would like to try another industry or if you are relocating, we help you find the right project.

Join us

Head Energy Consulting has offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim. We have more than 500 skilled employees who solve challenging tasks for reputed clients within oil & gas, renewable energy, civil construction, infrastructure, industry, and IT.

We live by our core values: Responsible, Honest, Innovative, and Inclusive.

Our vision is to bring our employees and clients one step ahead.

Head Energy shall promote sustainable solutions and make a positive impact.

Our employees are our most valuable assets, and we are proud that so many have faith in us as an employer. We have a long-term approach and are invested in your career development, and your well-being as a Head Energy employee.

Our skilled employees work within:

Oil & gas

Civil Construction


IT & Digitalization


Industry & Technology

Dette sier våre ansatte

“Jeg fokuserer på kunden og prosjektet, og slipper å bruke tid på administrative aktiviteter og alt utenom. Head Energy drar ofte i gang sosiale arrangementer. Der møter jeg mange engasjerte og profesjonelle med lignende erfaring, og det er alltid veldig trivelig.”

Eirik Helseth

Information Technology Consultant hos Equinor

“Som nyutdannet har Head Energy vært en svært god start på arbeidslivet. De fant en kunde i samme kommune som hadde arbeidsoppgaver som passet min utdanning fra universitetet og interesser, og det kan trygt sies at de gjorde overgangen fra universitet til arbeidsmarked knirkefritt.“

Tor Halvard Skarberg Svendsen

Software Ingeniør for SLB Kristiansand

“Man blir veldig godt tatt vare på av sin nærmeste leder, som hele tiden passer på at man trives i den nåværende situasjonen. Man får i stor grad bestemme sin egen arbeidssituasjon, og velge oppdragsgivere selv.”

Vegar Østhus

Software utvikler i AKVA Group

Meet us

Anders Lunde
Anders LundeDaglig leder Head Energy Consulting
Anne Line S. Olsen
Anne Line S. OlsenRegionleder Stavanger
Torbjørn Selmer
Torbjørn SelmerLeder IT Consulting
Sebastian Pettersen
Sebastian PettersenRegionleder Bergen
Sigurd Danielsen
Sigurd DanielsenForretningsutvikler Bergen
David Hasseløy
David HasseløyRegionleder Oslo
Sebastian Pettersen
Sebastian PettersenRegionleder Bergen
 Sigurd Danielsen
Sigurd DanielsenForretningsutvikler Bergen
Steffen Lønning
Steffen LønningRecruitment Consultant
Kenneth Neverdal
Kenneth NeverdalRecruitment Consultant
Julie Naglestad
Julie NaglestadRecruitment Consultant
Anders Lunde
Anders LundeDaglig leder Head Energy Consulting
Anne Line S. Olsen
Anne Line S. OlsenRegionleder Stavanger
Torbjørn Selmer
Torbjørn SelmerForretningsutvikler Stavanger
Terje Pedersen
Terje PedersenSenior Team Manager
Anne Metten Fjeld
Anne Metten FjeldSenior Team Manager
Erik Grinde
Erik GrindeSenior Team Manager
Fredrik Steinskog
Fredrik SteinskogTeam Manager
Sofie Langesæter
Sofie LangesæterRecruitment Consultant
Åshild Kvinnesland
Åshild KvinneslandPersonellkoordinator
Oddbjørn Kverneland
Oddbjørn KvernelandRecruitment Consultant
Kristoffer Søllesvik
Kristoffer SøllesvikRecruitment Consultant
David Hasseløy
David HasseløyRegional Manager Oslo
Jarle Larsen Strandskogen
Jarle Larsen StrandskogenTeam Manager
Marian Østby
Marian ØstbyRecruitment Consultant
Peter Stubseid Sørensen
Peter Stubseid SørensenRecruitment Consultant
Torbjørn Selmer
Torbjørn SelmerLeder IT Consulting Norge
Anders Mellingen
Anders MellingenLeder konsulenttjenester bygg & infrastruktur
Lars Dean
Lars DeanRecruitment Consultant

We are always looking for skilled and motivated professionals to join our teams. Contact us to see our vacant positions.