To enhance the focus on customers and consultants and clarify the underlying business, Head Energy has decided to merge its three wholly-owned Norwegian consulting units, Head Energy Hordaland AS, Head Energy Rogaland AS and Head Energy Øst AS.





To enhance the focus on customers and consultants and clarify the underlying business, Head Energy has decided to merge its three wholly-owned Norwegian consulting units, Head Energy Hordaland AS, Head Energy Rogaland AS and Head Energy Øst AS. The merged company will be named Head Energy Consulting AS.

The merger is carried out to ensure even better follow-up of customers, consultants and employees through increased national focus, and less regional focus. At the same time, the business structure of the Head Energy Group will be simplified, and the merger will reduce costs related to accounting, administration and financial auditing.

All the offices will be staffed and operated like today, and all managers and employees in Bergen, Sandnes and Asker will continue their good work after the merger. No consultants, employees or customers will be impacted by the merger with regards to working conditions, salary terms, rights, contracts etc., as all existing business will be continued in the merged company Head Energy Consulting.

The merged company will become the largest business unit in the Head Energy Group. Head Energy Consulting is experiencing solid growth, is debt-free, profitable and receives excellent customer feedback.



The merger between Head Energy Hordaland AS (org no. 997 156 765), Head Energy Rogaland AS (org no. 997 152 530) and Head Energy Øst AS (org. no. 999 507 506) was formally completed on December 2, 2017.

Organization number 997 152 530 and 999 507 506 will be deleted, while organization number 997 156 765 is continued in the merged company Head Energy Consulting AS . Please note that no departments or activities are or will be terminated or shut down – all operations are continued in the merged unit, Head Energy Consulting.


The merger is carried out primarily to improve productivity and interaction among the three sister companies that make up Head Energy’s Norwegian consulting business, all three wholly owned subsidiaries of Head Energy AS. The three sister companies already cooperate closely, and largely have the same customer base, however, with some regional differences. Today’s structure, with three sister companies operating in the same national market is no longer considered practical. Head Energy’s business has become more international, the customers are bigger and more professional, and this calls for a restructuring of the consulting units in Norway.

Head Energy has recently won several large frame agreements with national and international customers. With a simplified legal structure following the merger, Head Energy will be easier to work with, especially for large customers, as these customers will experience fewer administrative counterparts from Head Energy.

In Head Energy, we take pride in our Consulting Department – we feel confident that our customers and employees will experience at least the usual service-level after the merger, and that our Consulting departments in Norway will appear even more coordinated.

Consequences for the employees

Employees of Head Energy Hordaland, Head Energy Rogaland and Head Energy Øst will not experience significant changes because of the merger. Salary conditions, rights, pension and holiday pay are continued in the merged entity, and management of Head Energy’s offices will continue like today – the Consulting department in Bergen is managed by Kjell Idar Lavik, while Anders Lunde is in charge of the departments in Stavanger and Oslo (see for all members of management in Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo).

Consequences for customers

The merger will have no practical consequences for customers of Head Energy Hordaland, Head Energy Rogaland and Head Energy Øst. All Team Managers will continue with their current roles and all offices and locations are upheld like today. Our customers will experience a simpler legal structure and a more coordinated team following the merger. All invoicing, accounting, salary and payment functions will still be handled by the group staff in the parent company, Head Energy AS, on behalf of all the Norwegian subsidiaries in the Head Energy Group, and will in no way be impacted by the merger. The bank account number for payments of invoices will not change as a result of the merger (all invoices shall be paid to the same bank account number that is being used before the merger). Please see for contact information to the finance and accounting department of Head Energy AS.

November 2017 is the last month for invoicing from Energy Rogaland AS and Head Energy Øst AS.


Beginning with the month of December, 2017, all consulting work and services performed by staff members of the now deleted (merged) entities Head Energy Rogaland AS and Head Energy Øst AS will be invoices through Head Energy Consulting AS, having the following key information:

Organization no.: 997 156 765 / 997 156 765 MVA

Bank account no: 8101 07 88293 (for payment of invoices in NOK)

Address (mail): Nordåsdalen 27, 5235 Rådal

E-mail / web: / /

Additional information

If you have further questions about the merger, please contact your connection in Head Energy (see for the contact information to all team managers of Head Energy Consulting):

Morten Leikvoll (CEO): / 908 73 028

Kjell Idar Lavik (Head of Consulting Hordaland): / 991 66 462

Anders Lunde (Head of Consulting Rogaland): / 920 67 202

Anders Lunde (Head of Consulting Øst): / 920 67 202

Håkon Jacobsen (Head of Communication): / 988 68 464

General questions: / 992 04 323

Contact information web:


If you have questions to the accounting department / invoicing department, please contact:

Tone Olsen (Head of Accounting and Invoicing): / 984 76 650

Evy-Anne Leikvoll (Service Center): / 452 10 898

Nils Haukeland (CFO): / 91 77 11 63

Questions to Accounting: / 992 04 323


We are convinced that the merger will strengthen Head Energy’s market positions, brand and service level. Head Energy is moving ahead in a market characterized by improved market conditions, and we are confident that the merger will make Head Energy even more customer focused so that we can continue delivering the best services to our customers.

We have recently hired a new Researcher & System Responsible (Petter Øydegard) in Head Energy Consulting and we are in the process of implementing new and industry-leading software and solutions to further enhance the quality of our services and make Head Energy even more competitive to make sure that we stay one step ahead.